Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nostalgia: Mr. Natural and Flakey Foont

Psycho-American: "Mr. Natural's foil is Flakey Foont, a befuddled everyman who is Crumb's most scathing -- and yet most endearing -- portrait of Middle-American cluelessness. Foont is always searching for spiritual answers from Mr. Natural, but he doesn't like what he hears. And on the rare occasions when he does, his cynical impatience or his obsessive sex drive obstructs any attempt to achieve true understanding. [...] the episodes with Foont are like low-rent zen koans [...]"

Remember Mr. Natural and "Keep on Truckin'"? I ran across the back story to Mr. Natural while researching a reference to the word "foont" from my high school and college days.


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