Thursday, July 14, 2005

Musings: Signs and remedies of depression

CR and I discussed (as briefly as men do) the signs and remedies of depression, so I decided to draw up a short list based on my experiences and observations. Remember, our body and mind and emotions and spirit are one.

Flatness of affect
Flatness of voice
Distraction or preoccupation with past issues (wrestling with emotional trauma)
Anxiety, avoidance or denial over past issues (hiding from emotional trauma)
Insomnia (under six hours a night) or sleeping like the dead (over nine hours a night)
Low muscle tone (feeling flabby not muscular; exercise is work not energizing)
Low energy or agility (preference to be sedentary and slow not active and coordinated)
Low metabolism or resultant weight gain
Attention deficit, forgetfulness or being accident prone
Excessively full work schedule (beyond responsibilities, working to avoid personal leisure or fun)

Regular sleep (six to nine hours a night)
Healthy diet (balanced with fresh ingredients not fried or processed)
Daily exercise (any activity to restore metabolism)
Body awareness and centering (tai chi, yoga, dance or any other discipline)
Creative or recreational pursuits
Routine of own choosing
Priorities of own choosing
Quiet or unscheduled "me" time
Humor, wit or social laughter


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