Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Weblogs: Basilica

(via Heather Voss)

"A student [of mine] picked up a book from his home city library sale. Due to my vocation [as a theology professor], he thought that a mystery about the Catholic Church might be the way to go. Basilica was tough to get into, but there was a point about 25 pages in that turns it into a good read. It was pretty entertaining. Definitely not the best written book I’ve ever read, but entertaining. Montalbano’s writing style is a little choppy and every once in a while I lost him.

Bottom line: Montalbano traveled with JP II so he has some insider info. His imagination is good and he travel[s] through some pretty complex plots. Not a 'run out and buy it now' but if it’s on a shelf somewhere or handed it to you, definitely something light to read."


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