Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weblogs: Q is cool

(via Mike Pahl's The Stuff of Earth) "Q is a really cool letter these days. Way cooler than its neighbours, the respectable R or the tight-lipped P, or even that snaky S. Q is it. I don't recall Q being this cool since my Sesame Street days, back when it sponsored a few episodes.

There is, of course, the hypothetical lost document Q that works alongside Mark as the two primary sources for Matthew and Luke in the Two Source Hypothesis. That's been cool for a long time now. Then there's the equally elusive Star Trek Q, clearly one of the coolest science fiction characters that's ever been thinked up. And now there's the new ultra-thin phone/email/Blackberry wannabe Q from Motorola. (Interestingly, the announcing Chief Executive of Motorola is a certain Ed Zander--I thought Ed Sanders was a Q skeptic...?)

Q is cool. Way cool."


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