Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Email: Control-freak Christians [JB]

Funny how those who don't know anything about you want to give not just advice but prescriptions on how to act and what to do (and you're wrongheaded if you see things differently). This is because true friends say "Here's what I think [the Lord might want you to consider]; you are free to [consider and] accept or reject it," but these people are insecure (and sometimes control freaks) because their motive in directing you is not to help you but to eliminate anything that would cause them to grow in their beliefs or see them in a new light. It's also interesting how some Christian married people want to "fix" Christian single people by imposing rules and standards on them that they themselves (trust me) never followed.

Why the hell (literally) would any Christian show you a movie of a man being tortured in hell, telling you that you must obey God? This is manipulation. It was never the message of Jesus. Where do these people get off? They are Christians in name only; unconditional love is not in them at all.

All she wants to do is harass you, and she will use any information you give her for that purpose. "You are to be alone with God" [indeed!] They want to shun you and use God to justify their whims. If this isn't evil, it's at least hateful.

They don't understand it is not for them to set your boundaries. That is treating you like a child. They have shriveled souls and don't know the first thing about truly growing in the Lord.


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