Thursday, August 25, 2005

Email: "Osama captured" e-mail is a virus [BW]

I checked the source code for your email (View menu, Source submenu) just to make sure it wasn't a ve-e-ry sneaky trick, then I verified the Osama captured link on Snopes. Yep, a real virus that has been in circulation for many months!

I am posting this on my weblog so I do not have to send bulk emails to everyone I know; Twerpette is now my one-stop info shop.

FYI when you send out bulk mails, please use the Blind Copies (Bcc:) not the main (To:) field for everyone's email addresses, since one way for spammers to get addresses is to lurk downstream from all the others who will forward your email at least as widely as you.


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