Monday, March 27, 2006

Email: Off the deep end [CH]

It's not about you, and the problem with people [who] "really care" is that they wrack their brain to find a way where they are or are not at fault for something perceived to be wrong. Usually however there is nothing wrong or the other person has simply been uncharitable (which is no reflection on the recipient).

I do not believe in the cut-off-and-throw-out school of life. In other words, everything I do is about the larger issues, learning and staying in touch, not I'd-better-not-talk-to-anyone-else-lest-someone-be-jealous. This is how it is in business, this is how it is in my world, and the woman who is right for me will understand this. Besides, I have learned that if someone doesn't trust you, then no amount of bending backwards will assuage a woman's [or a man's] insecurities.

Women jump in the pool at the deep end; men move towards the deep end gradually. I don't know of any exceptions to this rule. Do you?


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