Saturday, March 18, 2006

Weblogs: Cell C takes care of your morning clumsiness

Adrants - Cell C Takes Care of Your Morning Clumsiness: "Sometimes things just don't go quite right when you are getting ready for your day. Thankfully, there's Cell C, a South African cellular company that offers free medical rescue as part of its service."

(MG sent me this clip so I visited Cell C's web site in Zaire -- nada. The only place to view it online seems to be a link off this Adrant post. Select your video format in the upper right to begin the ad's display in the upper left of the fourth-party purveyor's screen.

Boy that is a well-done but weird -- soulless -- ad that would make me run from this company not buy from them! I don't think people like commercials where the character has gone out of control and is in danger.)


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