Saturday, April 22, 2006

Email: Singles and dachsies [V]

I think single people tend to work more because we take our careers seriously. Married folks have a family so they draw a line as to how far they will go; what do single people have to draw a line with? Their garden? Their pets? Their hobbies? Their social life? I wish every single person could find or settle on a “mission in life” -- something grand, overarching and important that would keep work and career from trying to take over all their free time.

Don’t worry about how often you write; just do your best. I never [write] as much as I’d like but it is always the best I can do.

[Dachsies] are not too much work esp. if you can let them run in a yard. I need to take mine out 2-3 times a day but that’s not so bad. Having an extra snuggler is worth it! Kids can learn and find joy from having a dog. I think you should give in to your daughter. Every family member is always a bit of extra work, but each one also contributes more than they require. Love increases when we give it away.


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