Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fauna: Bullfrog and geckos

Walking Twerpette this morning reminded me that yesterday morning we found this huge bullfrog ensconced on the mulch surrounding a sapling on the boulevard across the street. He was half-again bigger than my fist! (I have got to start taking my cell phone with me even when walking Molley.)

The geckos on our grounds used to look like the GEICO gecko -- light green and invisible in the light green shrubbery. But over the past two years, they've adapted to the darker, variegated colors in the hedges along the apartment buildings and some are even black. It's a very Jurassic feeling to see them flitting up walls and flicking across sidewalks in mottled gray, brown and slate hues that are purely reminiscent of the compsognathuses in Jurassic Park 2.


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