Monday, December 17, 2007

Web: Hillary in '1984' video

TIME magazine names as fourth most popular “viral video” on YouTube a mashup of Hillary Clinton’s speeches spliced into Apple’s “1984” Macintosh commercial.

It’s funny how those who say they are for “less government” nevertheless apply “more government” to forbid the things that those who are truly for “less government” would choose to do (social liberalism) and then try to color those same liberals as the ones who are somehow to blame for “more government” (economic liberalism, no doubt).

It is probably a key truism to keep in mind when trying to discern the real motives of liberals and conservatives: The former are for fewer controls of social mores but greater control of the economic engines while the latter are for greater control of social mores but fewer (or no) control of the economic engines. The more either side can muddy those waters, the more they appeal to rank-and-file followers (as opposed to individuated thinkers that compose the ideal “informed citizenry”).

Of course, the one great truism of human affairs is that neither “side” has all the answers and (all things being equal) the best path generally lies up the middle.


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