Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weblogs: Dude has over a thousand Netflix friends!

Netflix Fan:

"I just made Robowriter a Fave, which means I'm a Fan, not a Friend, since he's a stranger to me. [...] His reviewer rank is an astonishingly low 14. My favorite thing [...] is his exhaustive lists in which he categorizes movies very specifically."

Imagine *my* surprise in following a link from Hacking Netflix to here and finding your post -- about *me*! Well, I am a diligent kind of person. I've read the reviews by everyone I've faved and I'll only fave them if they have written at least 18-24 reviews and I like them. (About one-third of my faves have faved *me*.) There are people who have rated more movies than I have (the bulk of which are Not Interested, which at least clears the wrestling and NASCAR stuff off my plate). The review and list count you cite is from last week; I've, uh, added some more... and risen to #12. But ranking is not so important when you're above #50 because it's all relative and everyone is contributing to a moving and dynamic target. It's a fun and vibrant community and I appreciate reviews from some members who joined last month and have already written 3-18 reviews.

I'm trying to find time to finish some lists of hundreds of Saved and Unavailable titles so members can either click Not Interested (to easily boost their ratings count) or better yet, submit title requests so Netflix will replace movies it seems to be decreasingly restocking. I suggest that members save the Web address of lists they like as favorites in their browser or better yet, click the RSS feed icon at the bottom of any list you like to subscribe to additions as they occur. Cheers, gang!


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