Thursday, May 08, 2008

Questions: How long to burn down...?

I see things and think of questions. (I don't often ask them out loud but they come to me.) I realize it's a guy thing to ponder how far the limits can be stretched while it's often a gal thing to want to preserve those limits (esp. where social propriety or personal comfort is involved).

So I saw the half-full office coffee pot on the burner and thought "I wonder how long it would take for that thing to burn down to a charcoal-baked crust? A day? Two days?"

Tamping down the engineering/scientific spirit in me and getting in touch with my feminine side, I decided no one needed to find out and tapped the off switch. After all, I made the pot this morning and it seems I'm the only coffee drinker now so that makes me responsible.

All this while I was getting myself some tea.


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