Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Email: Blockbuster Support

Oh yes, I can also see how it can be "confusing" when in the first email you tell me "You may do this by accessing your account online and clicking on My Account and then going to Rental History. Although the system may allow you to delete titles from your rental history, we don't suggest and recommend this since you can also use this information in case you will be needing it for future reference." and [after I point out that telling me to go to the screen I am asking about is still not answering my question] in the second email you tell me "and were [sic] very sorry to say that it is a default settings [sic] on the system and unable to be modified for deleting [sic] or opting it [sic] to hide [sic]." In addition to lacking most of the finer features of Netflix, Blockbuster might want to improve its customer experience by hiring people who can spell and use correct grammar.

And who can give the correct answer -- since I later determined with no help from Blockbuster how hiding one's Rental History is indeed possible.


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