Thursday, July 14, 2005

Email: Christian business solicits tithes? [Ch]

I can write them [to-do lists] faster than do them. (Being imaginative and organized makes things interesting.)

Your customer sounds like an interesting case. Because of my experience with Christian businesses and ministries over the years, I would say that a business should be treated like a business. It may have investors but it should sell something to customers who pay the expenses of operation and production. Anyone who lacks funding and asks for donations not tied to a business condition is probably incompetent at least or hustling you at worst (no matter how churchified they talk). A business is a commercial venture where the product or service pays for production and provides profits, or the business fails. Christian businesspersons who don't understand that and solicit your tithe monies are lacking in integrity. The business owner may tithe to their own business, believing it is also a ministry, but that is dubious in my view. It's as simple as keeping and funding for-profit and not-for-profit ventures separately.


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