Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Email: No one label describes me [KF]

I think having a business (esp. real estate or technology) can be all-absorbing unless you have other reasons and pursuits outside of work. It's called "getting a life."

I am a progressive yet fairly traditional Catholic-turned-Protestant, ultraconservative-turned-liberal with respect for and an open mind to all other faiths insofar as they ring true, explain things, or "work." This pretty much comes down to my belief that Christ is the fullest revelation of God's truth and love, however, God's truth and love are present in all creation; we just need a tacit or explicit relationship with God to intuit or to discern it (a task which fundamentalists [of any faith] and many evangelicals prefer to eschew). Most evangelicals will swear by C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity; but have they read his Poetry as Theology, much less all of his other works? I am also progressive so I follow the latest discoveries in quantum physics as well as consciousness and information processing theories; most believers would be amazed at how these would validate their belief in God, if they had the patience to listen and the imagination to perceive it. No, I haven't read Conversations with God or The Celestine Prophecies or The DaVinci Code (or any of the Harry Potter books) yet, though I plan to, of course. You can't speak about anything intelligently (or at least responsibly) without reading what you are discussing!


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