Friday, July 22, 2005

Musings: Panning a filmmaker's "personal letter"

(I know Craig Brewer meant to tell an inspiring story about Tequila, the country stripper who gets bitten by the creative muse -- a thing we should all experience -- during what we would loosely call the production of his first movie, a low-rent black-and-white video crewed only by Brewer and his brother-in-law, set in a seedy Memphis bump-and-grind, and called -- what else? -- The Poor & Hungry. However, my take on this maudlin play for publicity for his new movie is twofold: I don't see the connection, and I could not care less about Tequila or any of his movies.)
This is when I met Tequila.

She was country as all get-out, with freckles running across her tiny nose, and a twang that would turn Loretta Lynn's head. She eagerly volunteered to be our boom operator (and if there are any boom operators reading this, let me tell you, watching little Tequila hold that boom over her head, wearing her clear high-heel pumps, and bright orange bikini, was a sight to behold.)

When we were packing up our gear, Tequila came up to us, excited and sad. "Y'all comin' back t'morrow?" she asked. "Cuz I can hold the pole s'more for ya."

I saw it in her eyes. She had been bitten by the creative bug.

For many of us, creative expression and collaboration with others is nothing new. But we must never forget that there are many in this world who've never been asked to express themselves with movement or words or paint.

Regardless of our given circumstances, we are all entitled to contribute a verse. It is our right as human beings. A right that belongs to you, to me, and to a country stripper named Tequila.

I hope you enjoy the film.

Craig Brewer
Writer/Director of Hustle & Flow


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