Thursday, July 28, 2005

Weblogs: Being nice to fundamentalists

(via Worship Naked)

"I tried to be delicate. I?m so good at delicate. Watch me try to tippy-toe:

'Well, Joey, I would exhort you to spend some time studying the whole of Scripture to see if it bears out this practice of deliverance of believers.'

Oh, yeah. Tippy Toe.

That this actually came out of my mouth was a meeeracle, considering that this is what first popped into my head: 'Yes, we do! !?#$&!! This isn?t a debatable issue. This is extra-biblical c-r-a-p! Walk away before you can?t see or think straight anymore, you cotton-headed ninny muggins!!'

(And 'cotton-headed ninny muggins' comes from? Anyone?)

Now that I think of it, I can?t believe I passed on yet another prime opportunity to call someone a cotton-headed ninny muggins. I?ve had a spate of ?em lately.

That?s it. The next one who comes my way is gonna hear it.

I?m Tippy-Toed out, America."


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