Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Weblogs: I think they're playing our ringtone

(via Davenetics)

"I just saw a morning news report on this tech/relationship company called One Key Away.

Here's the twist. You answer a series of questions online and then show up for a mixer where you are given a small gadget with a series of lights to wear around your neck. When you approach another mixer attendee, both of your gadgets present a color: Red means there will be challenges if you date, yellow means you both share a typical match and green means you could be in business.

I am assuming that if no one is in range of your device the lights turn off and one of two things happens. If you are a woman, the gadget sets itself to vibrate. If you are a dude, the device can suddenly be used to control the televsion behind the bar."


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