Friday, July 15, 2005

Weblogs: shit from Shinola

Shinola seems to have been popular among WWII-era blue-collar workers and ex-military men (for whom everything is "shit this" and "shit that"), since those are the only ones I've ever heard use the term (though not in years). Keep in mind that to get a "spit shine," you spit on the Shinola or the shoe to wet and buff it to a mirror gloss. (I attended Catholic military high school.)

[Note to the (always self-appointed) values police: Twerpette's policy is to dash-out four-letter words out of consideration for our younger readers as well as corporate bad-word filters, except in cases where this would cause confusion, especially in posts dealing with word use and language. In this case, s--- is not helpful at all, and s--t could be snit or spit or... Rest assured that we needn't deviate from displaying motherf---er, should the usage be employed in the original citation and unavoidable in order to convey the essential message.]

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