Thursday, July 14, 2005

Email: The limitations of time, space and will [SD]

The trouble is, once health problems begin to make themselves noticed, you've let them go for too long. (If you're working out at the gym and your knee starts hurting, it's not only been pushed too hard, but has seen some damage. I learned this on a cycle clime to Crowne Point in Oregon.) Weight problems accumulate over a long time (and not invisibly) but they can be the hardest to roll back (esp. as our youth recedes into the nethers of the past).

Important tasks get delayed for two reasons: The human limitations of time and space (on the high end, I can only complete two 40-hour projects within five to seven days) or emotional reasons (involving denial, procrastination or idiosyncratic ideology). Some people decide they just don't trust doctors, or won't take even one aspirin when sick; others don't want to face what might someday be bad news, so they keep ignoring the doorbell. Of course you know that problems (present or future) do not go away on their own, and that avoidance behavior is an addictive cycle (an emotional and tactical flight from a problem that you inevitably return to find unchanged). The only way to maintain a healthy self esteem and mindset is to face your challenges and resolve them.

I'll have to try Yahoo Music sometime, but I usually need it quiet as I think and write. I've worked in newsrooms and fishbowls, where a creative or collaborative workday dynamism exists, but I think my best writing is naturally done in silence where I can concentrate on and attune myself to the flow.


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