Friday, August 26, 2005

Email: Standing above the fray [MA]

Rebound relationships are never a good idea (though they might seem so at the time).

Isn't it weird that so often we have two failed relationships before we find the one that works? It almost makes me want to concoct a Marxist (dialectical) model of relationships: ranging from one side of the valley to the other, until we know the lay of the land well enough to avoid the bear traps (who in many cases [turns out to be] an alcoholic, abusive control freak).

You absolutely did the right thing to put your children before "the dating wars" as you call them. Isn't that a satisfying feeling, to put yourself above the fray? And growing closer to God only makes it all better too.

So you liked War of the Worlds? I'll probably see it sometime. Right now I want to see if Tom is going to settle down and be less creepy, but somehow (knowing those scifreaks) I doubt that.

Every girl needs to get away from the computer screen and let a certain number of men see her face, or her complexion becomes less radiant and more (as Garry Trudeau described the pale dweebs who bask in fluorescent light) "cool minty green"!


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