Sunday, August 21, 2005

Email: Time and tasks [KF]

It's nice that you think, speak and write in a natural flow. It's a skill I share. (Communication styles that would be opposite mine: "Well, you're just a poopyhead!" ... "Why, you...! Ooh...! I'm just so mad...!" ... "...whereas the party of the first part agrees with the party of the second part...") It's a new phase of my life but I no longer pay attention to those who criticize me for petty things that I see are actually one of my unique strengths but which they don't understand because they lack it and can't even go there psychologically.

It doesn't matter if you require a double-redundant system to meet your appointments; any disciplined and organized person does whatever works, and who the hell else should care about how they do it? It's an external thing that the small mind would pay attention to instead of the greater tasks that you accomplish through such disciplines; it's like asking the great author "So do you use a fine-lined or school-lined notebook?" instead of "So how did you get the inspiration for this character?" [It would be interesting to show others] my various systems over the years for organizing my incredible workflow [as well as a commercial product I helped launch in 2003]; I still envision a system to beat them all (this would be one of my software development projects).

It is possible, however, to try to be "too organized"; I think the key is having a cut-off line focused by one's larger goals and priorities. As you can agree with me, it's almost a curse to have high levels of imagination, memory and organization all at once; you come up with more to do than anyone else, you forget nothing, and you drive yourself crazy by trying to get it all done. I think there are two cognitive styles that people tend to adopt, at work or in life or in relationships: Forget 10-60% of the stuff that occurs or happens to you and move on, or forget nothing and work to resolve or accomplish the 40-90% that is humanly possible. I'd much rather be in the latter camp.


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