Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Media: Pat Robertson, still insane (just more so)

CNN head honcho Pat Robertson is no stranger to controversy -- or to charges from citizens who possess the faculty of reason that he is more than crazy like a fox, he's insane.

I let Jon Stewart and The Daily Show lambaste Pat Robertson for praying on-air that God would create "more vacancies" on the U.S Supreme Court (which amounts to calling down a death wish from heaven, beseeching God to enfeeble or kill the highest justices in our land -- but only the nonconservative ones).

Well, I just heard Pat Robertson say of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, "I don't know about this policy of assassination, but I think we should go ahead and do it. It would be a lot cheaper than starting a war." So now we should illegally kill a sovereign nation's leader because he's a paranoid Marxist and it's more expedient than declaring war (again, over oil)?

Would someone please put Robertson in a box (air holes are optional), send him to Venezuela's president, and have him repeat those words to Chavez's face? I can't believe this horse's ass calls himself a man of God!


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