Monday, August 22, 2005

Questions: foot shuffling

In Twerpette, Questions are lesser lights (dimbulbs?) compared to Peeves. Less than a Peeve and thus a Question, I'd like to ask: Why do people shuffle their feet?

Are they unaware of their steady shuff-shuff-shuff as they shamble across the floor in plain view of the public? Have they never been taught how low-class it looks? Do they just not care? Are they incapable of making a choice that affects their manners for the better? How lazy do you have to be to shuffle your feet everywhere you go?

When it comes to making an impression, foot shuffling seems on a par with breathing, or chewing, with one's mouth open. More than anything, it may signify an attention-deficit disorder: "Oh... I didn't know I was shuffling my feet" (or any number of other socially maligned bad habits).


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