Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Politics: My son is proof a fetus feels pain

To make a long story short, my youngest son was a "live wire" in utero, kicking constantly in the womb -- until his fifth month.

Then he stopped moving -- frozen from all activity. Clearly, something was seriously wrong.

With the best prenatal care Houston could offer, details were still murky. Then, at seven months, he went into "fetal distress" -- he (and probably his mother) would die unless birth was induced immediately.

My son was born two months prematurely and weighed more than nine pounds.

He lost two pounds after surgery to remove a massive growth in his abdomen (which proved to be an extremely rare case of lung tissue on the wrong side of his diaphragm). It was like having a basketball inside your gut.

No one will ever convince me that a fetus doesn't feel pain.

Prenatal surgeons medicate every fetus against pain during procedures that do not lead to termination of their lives. They do not do so out of superstition. Abortionists simply do not care whether an aborted fetus feels pain. For this reason, they do not wish to advise pregnant women about fetal pain; it's bad for business because it might scare away customers.

And that is not only a breach of medical ethics, but of humanity.


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