Saturday, September 03, 2005

Email: Feeling beleaguered [SD]

You are in a very stressful time and you should take that into account; go easy on yourself as much as possible.

If your memory is "under attack," it means you're emotionally overloaded or overwhelmed. From what I hear, a low-acid (alkaline) diet and regular exercise will turn that around.

Feeling defeated is also being overwhelmed; you've reached the end of your rope. Hang on till the end, trust God, and look to those who you can trust. You're not dumping; in fact, you're making the first mention of how seriously you're under the weather.

Feeling defeated can also come from feeling that things are happening to you instead of your choosing to change them. (Not every person is ready or strong enough to do this, so don't worry for now.) Mainly just come to see that it is not all out of your control, that you do have something to contribute or change about it, when you are ready.


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