Friday, September 02, 2005

Email: Seeking vengeance [JS]

The news has been telling everyone that God sent the hurricane because people were so sinful in N[ew] O[rleans]? [Nuh-uh!]

I think hurricanes happen because weather is weather. They would still happen if there were no people on the earth. Supposing that they are God's instruments of vengeance does not describe any God I worship.

I'm not offended, but the vengeance angle is not on the national or local media, only talk radio (with its vocal fringe elements).

Thugs, looters and scammers are a blight on the good people of N[ew] O[rleans], I agree. Given that crime is a problem [there] (as any native will tell you), I anticipated this would happen if the National Guard didn't deploy promptly. Well, nothing happened while our president was on vacation; maybe we should give him a permanent vacation.


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