Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Web: Dating after 35 - expert advice

Q: Is it really bad for a woman to have sexual relations with a man when they’ve only gone out a couple of times?
Rachel: Absolutely! This is my big pet peeve. Here’s my proven Date/Sex Rule: you have to have a minimum of two dates per week, regularly, for two months (minimum 16 dates total) before having sex with a man. You must pace your relationship, and let it build steadily. If you rush into intense physical relationships too soon, they usually crash and burn. This rule may seem excruciatingly old-fashioned, but it ensures that your relationship is reasonably stable, because you have seen each other regularly over a substantial period of time. Also it encourages him to look at you as a possible wife and not a one-night stand. If he’s looking for casual sex, this Date/Sex Rule will screen him out, and that’s good news for you.


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