Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Words: reeve, rove, rove beetle

Main Entry: rove
past and past participle of REEVE

Main Entry: reeve
Pronunciation: 'rEv
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English reve, from Old English gerEfa, from ge- (associative prefix) + -rEfa (akin to Old English -rOf number, Old High German ruova) -- more at CO-
1 : a local administrative agent of an Anglo-Saxon king
2 : a medieval English manor officer responsible chiefly for overseeing the discharge of feudal obligations
3 a : the council president in some Canadian municipalities b : a local official charged with enforcement of specific regulations "deer reeve"

Main Entry: rove beetle
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from rove
: any of a family (Staphylinidae) of often predatory active beetles having a long body and very short wing covers beneath which the wings are folded transversely -- called also staphylinid


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