Saturday, June 23, 2007

Email: More online jerks [EH]

Being assertive just means standing up for yourself at least as much as bending over backwards for the other person. Don't be so "polite" that you fail to address an issue that needs to be addressed (like blatant lies, disrespect, etc.). If a man offends you, the Lord doesn't want you to lie down and take it -- by "turning the other cheek" he was talking about persecution [more than] a romantic relationship between "equal partners in the grace of life."

I think when two people have spirits and minds that are "big enough," they can share different faiths or politics and still get along well. Sharing the same faith or politics smooths over life's bumps when two people cannot get along that well (that is, usually).

Ask yourself: Why should or does the woman usually become the one to give in for the sake of what the man wants? I think compromise should be a two-way street, or even lay more on the man, since scripture calls on the husband to sacrifice for the wife.

Believe in yourself and don't fear or suspect the worst.


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