Saturday, July 21, 2007

Email: Full vs. simplified faith [EH]

Yes, belief in Christ is what matters and beyond that, church issues are a matter of human preference. Speaking purely for myself, however, if I have the choice between a casual approach to Christianity and a fully historical and disciplined approach to Christianity, my psychological and spiritual makeup prefers the latter. The details matter to me, because I notice them -- that's all. I'm not saying anything about anyone else, just what makes me feel at home. I think I have always maintained an openness to be able to speak with anyone about the commonalities of faith in God -- beyond even Christianity -- however, I recognize that a person needs a church home, so there has to be some place I call mine. I think listening and communicating more than reacting is the key to understanding each other in Christ. I [know] how difficult [it] can be when two believ[ers] differ on the full-vs.-simplified faith question.

By the way, like a parent's love for a child and a child's love for a parent, full faith includes simple faith, however, simple faith is not the same as simplified or simplistic faith.


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