Friday, July 13, 2007

Web: Gender Genie

(via Bookblog) I pasted my last three reviews from Moviette -- Star Trek: Nemesis (2002), Transformers (2007) and The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection (1969) -- into Gender Genie and got the following analysis: 1,027 points for use of predominantly feminine keywords, 625 points for use of predominantly masculine keywords. "Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: female!"

In the Transformers review, I even advocated towering mechahunk blast-em-up violence -- but a review of the analysis shows that Gender Genie awards 468 points for 9 instances of the word with, 188 points for 4 instances of the word if, 162 points for 6 instances of the word not, and 112 points for 28 instances of the word and on the female side, while it awards 203 points for 29 instances of the word the, 136 points for 4 instances of the word more, 60 points for 10 instances of the word a, and 35 points for 1 instance of the word what on the male side. Other words I used on the female side include 1 instance each of her, we, should, and me; on the male side, 14 instances total of as, who, it, and to.

Sounds to me like Gender Genie's methodology needs more bee-oing! in its head-bobbing. Broader and more accurate word selections would certainly improve its predictions.


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