Monday, February 11, 2008

Musings: Pillows and cushions

As I prepared to leave the public library, the check-in librarian stopped me to ask if I had just returned a book called Pillows and Cushions. No, I replied, and left.

Do I look like the gender of person who would return a book called Pillows and Cushions? Do I, personally, look like someone who would be caught dead with a book called Pillows and Cushions? Because if so, I need a manly-man makeover right away. Gone, wirerim glasses. Goodbye, male-pattern baldness; hello, Bruce Willis chrome dome. Forsake the computer to get me some abs and pecs again. Sunglasses (even at night). Lose the laptop satchel, carry a gym bag with a racquetball racquet. And so on. Oh yeah.

On the other hand, maybe I looked manly enough to be returning such a book for someone else and not feel threatened about my masculinity. Hm...


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