Saturday, July 23, 2005

Email: As the teen chooses [SD]

I would do as much as I could to help him [your son] frame how he should make his decision. Teens are more susceptible to manipulation and need help understanding how to make a free decision for their own reasons. Only after doing all I feel the Lord would want me to do, would I feel comfortable trusting the Lord and my son to whatever happens. But that's me. I'm glad he has a good head on his shoulders. So did I at that age, really. It's just that as adults, we know more about the context of such decisions (we have a greater experience or understanding of the possible consequences) and we want to make sure our children have the benefit of that knowledge. It's true we cannot and should not make such decisions for our children; they need to make them on their own and discover what works. I mention Halliburton and KBR because they are doing all the civilian hiring for the rebuilding effort in Iraq.

Again, when I say I was busy, it is an explanation for that moment in time, not a statement that I normally am too busy or never will have time. Hear what I say, not what you think I say. ;-}


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