Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weblogs: If God is real, why are there so many idiots?

(via Randomize)

"If I may be so bold, testing one's faith based on the blow-hards that fill so many of today's pulpits and radio stations is like getting stock tips from that shouting bald guy on TV (the one that looks like a severely-caffeinated version of Dr. Phil).

It's entertainment, pure and simple, to keep the minds of the weak voting Republican and living some traditional of the straight, narrow, and tithing.

Try this for a nice change of pace:

* Turn off the radio.
* Read the Bible (conveniently available on CD) and let it speak for itself without the intrusion of your memories of people trying to interpret it for you.
* Pick up a few non-fiction books by C.S. Lewis (any of them) or one of the other great Christian apologists who actually studied the Bible longer than it takes to get a feel-good 'pastoral care' degree from some random Bible college.
* Try to find a congregation of Christians who don't check their brains at the door.
* Find other bloggers who struggle with faith and are honest about it. Example: Messy Christian.
* Don't give up. Test everything. Hold on to what is good, ignore the rest."


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