Thursday, July 07, 2005

Email: Hot enough for ya? [SC]

Listen, my mother won't come to Texas during the summer either! I'm fairly adaptable but AC [air conditioning] is our friend for a reason. :-) I think it's funny that people in the south would often never want to live in the cold (north) and people in the north often live there because (as with me) they never realize that "cold is an option." I love the cold and miss the fall and winter in Minnesota; on the other hand, I'm pleased to go outdoors in short sleeves and sandals almost year-round.

You don't know humidity until you have been on the Gulf or East coast. All this week [and summer] here we [basically] have a high of 97 which with humidity is a heat index (feels like) [of] 110 (picture a greenhouse and you've got it) plus it will be thunderstorming through next week. It's beautiful in its way though. At least a tropical setting feels more like paradise than pine and oak trees.

[Being self-employed] I have a great deal of flexibility [with work hours] but you also make agreements [that are quite challenging] and keep them; so work becomes a communal hallucination of sorts. ;-)


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