Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Email: Separation, divorce and dating [Gr]

One challenge to dating anyone is your legal separation; you need to be divorced to remarry of course. I'm sure you have quite a story there but don't feel obligated to tell anyone the gory details until it's resolved and behind you. Also one thing I've learned is that it's wise in the long view for a man to court a woman who has completed her divorce and been single for some time (2-3 years or more). You need time to resolve your legal and emotional entanglements (and the same goes for men who are too eager to jump back into marriage without assessing their lessons). In the meantime, you may date men and learn from your experience, but you will know when you feel ready for a serious relationship.

Do you have any awareness what sort of ministry the Lord would have for you? Because passively accepting whatever a human pastor assigns you is not part of the faith [strictly]. Baptists may shuffle forward like sheep better than some, but I hope a Baptist with a doctorate uses her mind as well as her heart to help discern God’s will for her.


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