Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Email: One-liners and worldviews [KF]

I like one-liners more now. I read the joke is going out because it takes too long and involves too much risk for the younger generation. My humor is dry observation or wry (or biting) commentary. Don't worry about manners (strictly) with me when it comes to humor; all dunderheadedness is fair game. I think the only way to rise above committing such idiocies ourselves is to keep in mind that it would just be silly (if not pathetic) to do so.

I know I don't fit within closed, "kept" corporate settings; I need an unfettered, entrepreneurial, risk-for-rewards-based setting (for business or social ties). Teaching and writing work well for me, as would programming or some forms of sales (where product knowledge and customer advocacy are not at odds with the corporate culture). I like teaching better because it connects more directly with people (in learning, humor and humanity); but writing I do very well too.

If you can see and understand the other person's mindset, but they cannot see or grasp yours, then yours is the larger and theirs is the smaller. I make no personal judgments (though they unfortunately may); this just helps to know where you stand.

I couldn't have expressed my own temperament better than you did in your penultimate paragraph. (You purveyor of purloined pentimentos.)


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