Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Email: Syncretic dialog [GG]

I have studied the ancient Mayan culture so I am interested in the Maya Quiche (Quechua) language and Mayan/Catholic syncretism. That is an area I focused on when I considered joining Wycliffe Bible Translators.

When you think about it, having work that is "challenging, but interesting" really is the best of all possible worlds. It beats work that is "challenging, but boring" or any other antithesis you could come up with. :-} I think I would always prefer work that is difficult (challenging) and growthful (interesting). I would have a hard time doing the same old unimaginative thing day in and day out.

You're right that just "maintaining radio silence" will usually calm the restless natives. I feel others have a right to hear my wisdom too ;-) but I am usually able to temper it by being sensitive as to whether they want to hear it in the first place.

If it's a party you want, I suggest turning your birthday into a weeklong celebration, kind of like a biblical wedding feast that would last a week as they killed the fatted calf.


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