Monday, July 25, 2005

Email: Strong communications [SD]

Yes, communicating "strong" at times is just how I am. I am learning it is not always how other people are. Oh well! It is my unique contribution and it does not work to tamp or muzzle my soul in order to be more acceptable to everyone. Let like souls mingle, as it has always been. Actually I have mellowed significantly over the years and I do dial myself down as a rule. (Remember the wild-eyed poet declaiming the moon in Peggy Sue Got Married? I try not to be that spontaneous and emotive in mixed and esp. corporate company.) :-}

I am all about listening to other people's differing points of view. The trouble is that people tend to be one thing or another, and so assume that I must be or believe in one thing and not the other; yet I can probably take anyone's stance and argue for it better than they can in a debate. It's the Thomistic and Lewisian and nonpartisan thing to do, because then you know you are being fair to all sides.


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