Sunday, July 24, 2005

Email: Boundaries and blogging [SD]

Some people violate others' boundaries because, as you know from Pia [Mellody], they have failed to form proper boundaries through their incomplete emotional development as a child. It's like [this]: If you are not taught proper table manners, you may be a slouch; but if you were raised by wolves, you will be absolutely slovenly. Yes, life would be so much easier if we all had no flaws... Yeah.

I do not advise you to write a weblog that forms a sort of online diary about your work situation. People get fired for things like that. Read any of the articles that the major newspapers and magazines have had on weblogging in recent years to see how careful you need to be about what you put in there about friends, lovers and so on. (People do. Yikes!) I carefully edit what I publish to (hopefully) only be general information of interest to others in my own words; never personal details, personally identified, or using another's words.

You do whatever you need to grow. As will I.


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