Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weblogs: Twerpette and four-letter words

(I added this to a previous post but thought I should expand on it as a current post of its own.)

Note to the (always self-appointed) values police: Journalists have faith and children too. Being a faith-based weblog, Twerpette's policy is to dash-out four-letter words out of consideration for our younger readers as well as corporate bad-word filters, except in cases where this would cause confusion, especially in posts dealing with word use and language. For example, in one post, displaying s--- would not have been helpful, since s--t could be snit or spit or..., and besides, the post dealt with the actual usage of that word. Rest assured that we needn't deviate from displaying motherf---er, however, should the usage be employed in the original citation and unavoidable in order to convey the essential message.


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