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(unlikely phrases from real language phrasebooks via The Metaverse)

Berlitz Russian for Travellers

I can't do the cha-cha.
Ja ne umeju tantsevatj cha-cha-cha.

I want a specimen of your urine.
Ja vozjmu u vas mochu na analiz.

I'd like to buy a pair of binoculars.
Ja khotel by kupitj binoklj.

I'd like to go to a Komsomol party.
Ja khotel by pojti na komsomoljskij vecher.

Berlitz Portuguese for Travellers

Why are you laughing?
Porque está a rir?

Must I swallow them whole?
Devo engoli-los inteiros?

Say It In German pocket dictionary

Drive us around for one hour.
Fahren Sie eine Stunde herum!

Use insecticide.
Gebrauchen Sie Insektenvertilgungsmittel.

Vietnamese Phrasebook 1976

Take me to the Protestant church.
Dya toi den2 ña3 thu3 Tin5-Lañ3.

There will be no trouble.
Khong sao duu.

I like to sleep a lot.
Toi thich ngu4 ñieu3.

Say It In Swedish 1979

Have you something more attractively furnished?
Har Ni något som är trevligare möblerat?

Let's take a walk around the botanical garden.
Låt oss ta en promenad i botaniska trädgården.

Penguin Polish phrasebook

What do we pay for the children?
Ile placimy za dzieci?

How does the heating work?
Jak dziala ogrzewanie?

The villa has been burgled.
Bylo wlamanie do willi.

May I have peas instead of beans?
Czy moge, prosic' o groszek zamiast fasolki?

Harrap's Greek phrasebook

I'm absolutely knackered.
Eímai ptóma stin koúrasi.

He swims like a fish.
Kolumpáei san delfíni.

Barron's Spanish at a glance; Burgess & Bowes Midget Dictionary

I have the highest card.
Tengo la carta más alta.

Is your husband here?
¿Está aquí su esposo?

I want the latest edition with gilt edges.
Deseo la última edición con cantos dorados.

Fingertip Chinese

Do you eat this?
Nî chi zhège ma?

I play the clarinet.
Wô lá danhuángguân.

The countryside looks very poor.
Nóngcun kàngqîlái hên píngqióng.

Get by in Welsh 1979

Cricket is a silly game.
Gêm ddwl yw criced.

Don't pester the girls in the next tent.
Peidiwch â phoeni'r merched yn y babell nesa.

She has excellent breasts.
Mae bronnau ardderchog da hi.

Setswana-English phrasebook 1979

What year is it?
Ke ngwaga wa bokaye?

Is this the first time you marry?
A ke gônê o émang?

Hawaiian phrasebook 1906

Such is the fashion now.
O ka paikini ia i keia wa.

She also remarked that I ate greedily.
Ua hoopuka pu ae la oia, he pakela ai au.

It is true, you are wise and we are foolish.
He oiaio ua naauao oukou a he poe hupo makou.

I had yams and fish for two days, and then I ate fern roots.
He ape ne ka i-a ka'u no elua la, a mahope ai au i ka hapuu.

Are you not ashamed?
Aohe ou hilahila?

Lonely planet

Carry me, slowly.
Malai bistaarai bhoknuhos.

Where was this cheese made?
Yo chij kahaan baneko ho?

How many years will you stay in Nepal?
Nepaalmaa kati barsa basne?

Hippocrene Chechen-English/English-Chechen (1997) (supplied by Mark Wise)

Is the bridge still standing?
Tsun t'okhal doodush t'ai hintsa lattash dui?

Don't shoot!
Gerza ma tooghalah'!

Can you take me to the minefields?
Minii aaree yolcha vugar vari ah'so?

Somali Handbook (Dunwoody Press, 1992) (supplied by Mark Wise)

Do you have any valuables?
Wax qiimo leh ma sidataa?

Do not be afraid
Ha baqin

I won't hurt you
Waxba kuu dhimi mayo

Put your hands over your head!
Gacmaha madaxa saar!

Are the snakes here dangerous?
Masaska halkaan khatar miyaa?

We must bury her
Waa inaan duugnaa isaga

Handbook of Gaelic Phrases and Sentences (1939) (supplied by James Campbell)

We shall troll along the coast.
Ni sinn sgrìob suas ris a' chladach

Are you feeling spry to-day?
A bheil sùrd math oirbh an diugh?


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