Sunday, July 24, 2005

Email: Therapeutic pursuits [LS]

[Doing schtick,] I like to put a twist on the classic line of "Hello, tall, dark and handsome!" by saying "Hello, tall, dark and mentally deranged!"

Fixing up a house can be wonderfully therapeutic. I would be good at contributing to and helping execute a redesign or update, but given all my other interests, I doubt I would ever be the primary instigator. (I just caught an autobiographical program on J.K. Rowling where she confessed that she didn't clean house for four years, and I thought: So that's what I'm doing wrong [as an author]!)

When I dated more in the beginning, I just called women by where they were from (Miss Santa Fe, Miss Needville, Miss Katy) so my friends could keep them straight. I can see how names [for your failed first dates] like Mr. Stinky would be therapeutic though. I think it really helps to process an experience and put it in perspective when we can put it into words -- ideally, with a healthy sense of humor.

So many men do throw a hissy fit over their wives' purchases. I suggest couples just agree on a budget and ground rules and then each partner can make free decisions within those boundaries.

When you described the enjoyment of being totally single and then buying a leather... chair ... Let's just say my mind was going somewhere else before you set me straight. (I think too fast for my own good sometimes.)


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