Monday, July 25, 2005

Internet: Cool Japanese cell phone

(via Peter Payne's J-List, a website and mailing list on Japanese popular culture)

One of the benefits of living in Japan is having access to cool "keitai denwa," which is Japanese for cellular phones. The three main providers of cell phone service in Japan are giant NTT Docomo, KDDI's stylish au, and European-owned Vodafone, and they duke it out in the marketplace trying to provide the best service area, phones and unique features. NTT is the Microsoft of Japan, and their phones are all top of the line, however you sure pay for the privilege of using them. I much prefer the stylish phones that au makes, and recently upgraded my phone to the brand-new W31T, a slim unit which sports Bluetooth, 2.4 Mbps remote web surfing, support for Qualcomm's Brew applications, a camera so good I've thrown away my digital camera forever, a mini-SD card slot, and a web browser that can display websites intended for PCs. Although it's only been 8 months since I've upgraded, I was floored by all the new features that hadn't been in existence when I checked in last time, including a phone with a TV receiver in it, a waterproof "tough phone" with stylish plastic guards, a phone with stereo surround sound speakers, and more. And of course they all play music like the iPod.


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