Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weblogs: Kudzu rocks! (Does not! Does so!)

The Comics Curmudgeon - Kudzu: "In today's American religious climate -- where most people don't go to church, and the fastest growing churches are large 'nondenominational' generic Protestant churches -- where else but in Kudzu can you find jokes about the different religious sensibilities of Baptists and Episcopalians? Where else can you pick on the quirks of the Methodists? The church league baseball/basketball/bowling/whatever installments are even better. I keeping waiting for a 'one hand clapping' joke about the crowd whenever Preacher Dunn's team plays the Zen Buddhists, though it never comes."

(Joshua Fruhlinger is a fine curmudgeon and I love his weblog, because I’ve read the comics daily since I was six and I wrote a master’s thesis on Doonesbury. That said, I beg to differ: Kudzu rocks, in my opinion and those of my closest friends -- though subtly, like James Thurber rocks. I have to say many people go to church -- esp. in the South where I am now a transplant -- and many of those are Baptists and Episcopalians. Kudzu satirically pegs the ins and outs of ecclesiastical life just as Dilbert does of corporate life. By the way, I miss a wonderful strip called Wildwood, set in the woods and populated by animals, including a pastor bear and his assistant pastor fox. Oh, and the one-hand-clapping Kudzu strip finally appeared last week.)


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