Friday, August 26, 2005

Email: Second Baptist rocks [MA]

I'm glad you're happy at Second Baptist. They seem very mature, however for me to go deeper they were pushing for Fri and Sat night involvements in shepherd and worship programs that I couldn't do. Wow, you must be really happy to have such a close relationship with a pastor! I have longed for something like that all of my life -- but that's a story for another time. You know, there are born-again Catholics (many are charismatics). I like to attend a number of congregations and denominations in order to keep "in the loop" and not get focused only on my home congregation and denomination. Call it the theologian in me.

I applaud Second Baptist for all it has done for you in your tough times. That's what being a church is all about.

Being shy, or scared, is actually being in a place of grace. It means you're not in control, and you can truly trust God to lead you through whatever it is.


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