Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Email: Creative impulse

I think it's good that you can enjoy doing things alone; too often women have a problem with that, so it probably shows a healthy independence (to my mind).

When I say I work at a higher level, it means I provide services for corporations and often work with chief executives, so my schedule is a bit more full than it was in college. (Working 65 hours a week in creative and technical writing [for] an advertising and marketing agency in 2001 tended to squeeze out any personal time I had to do Martha Stewart like things for self and friends.) I'm not saying this is better or higher than the creative flair itself; I'm saying that as a man, I [have limitations women do not]. I agree that creativity is a broad concept, and I continue to use it professionally and conversationally; but time for personal and domestic creativity (like hand-making cards and gifts for friends) is nil when one's career demands [a great deal of time, being] self-employed.


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