Saturday, September 03, 2005

Email: Pushing and stretching [SD]

I have said this from the time you began reading Pia's book: You are taking on months and years of change all at once, so just be aware of that and act accordingly (as you see fit). You may not even have the body and emotional awareness that [others have] accumulated. It's not so much the lies of Satan as normal human desire to avoid discomfort and pain. Fleeing can turn that into an addictive cycle though. Exercise will take care of almost any stress you're going through. After all, it's normal and healthy; a lack of it is abnormal and unhealthy.

It is an awful lot and my point is that no one said you had to take on this much at once. You have choices in this too. It's natural to want some respite and it's healthy to take some. It's like you're cramming to study for a whole semester all in one week. Take it as it comes. That doesn't prevent getting stretched (as when hurricanes pile on top of everything else) but the important thing is not to go looking for stress; the normal demands of a life of growth will present enough as it is.


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